a r t i s t
j u l i a n n a  w  c a m e r o n


I have always been fortunate that my path was clear, art has always been my way.

When I see colors and shapes, I see a painting. If I see something I would like to share 

I paint it!  The reward is when I make a connection with my unique vision and then

inspire others.  It can simply be the hues of blue and purple in the way I see a cow or 

what barn swallows see over head.

I have learned to tust the creative process. The ability to remove myself from outside

distractions is key...all the while knowing each stroke and every layer is important to 

the whole.

For me the joy of art, is the ability to inspire and lift at each bend in the road.

fine art painter | art educator | mixed media artist

oil color study | framed 18x40 | $450.